A Basic Guide to Essay Writing Designed for College Applicants

An essay may have many purposes and types but the basic structure is the same. Now if you follow a few simple steps that we are going to discuss about, you may be able to construct your essay in a really short span of time. So go ahead and take a look at the points we have mentioned.

  1. Choose a topic: You may choose a topic of your choice if you are not provided with a topic by the instructor. Always try to choose a topic with which you are comfortable so that you may write about it without having to waste much time.
  2. Prepare an Outline of your thoughts: This is the most important part of an essay. It is best to collect all your thoughts about the topic and write it down in point form somewhere, so that you remember them when you start writing.
  3. Write your Thesis Statement: Once you have written down all the ideas you want to write about, start with your thesis statement. A thesis statement must be based on the content of your writing and should not be more than a sentence in length.
  4. Write the body: Now, focus on elaborating the ideas which you have already written down before. You may divide the body into several paragraphs if you wish to describe the ideas in a proper way. You make take the help of Homework Doer for the body.
  5. Write the Introduction: After completion of the body of the essay, start writing the introduction. It should have a general explanation of the topic along with a cache phrase, a famous quote by an imminent personality to catch the attention of the reader.
  6. Write the Conclusion: The conclusion should sum up the ideas you have presented in your essay clearly and should end in a gentle note. It should not be too long so that the reader does not get bored.

Wrap Up

Keeping these points in mind, you should be able to construct your college essay with ease. We also want to wish you the best of luck for your college admissions. If you like our guide, do share it with your pals to help them out too.