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Our Best Tutorial Guide to Know Everything about TuTuApp for Android

In this fast-paced world, technology has offered us what it was impossible prior to a couple of years. That being said, people are generally acquainted with those official sources such as Google Play Store and iTunes. But there are only some folks who are aware of the recently launched app stores that come with a great deal of service. Having said that, let us now come closer to what our guide here consists of, and that is TuTuApp for Android. The Chinese app store comes with delightful features, that being said, it also offers you to download the full version of certain games like Pokemon GO. Keep reading our guide in order to know everything about TuTuApp for Android.

TuTuApp for Android: Everything You Need to Know about the Latest Version of TuTuApp

Before discussing the features that come with TuTuApp for Android, one may view the most recent version of the app store and the necessary things to keep in mind. Check the point-wise info mentioned below.

  • Name of the Application: TutuApp.
  • Last Update: April 9, 2017.
  • Size of the File: 6.63MB
  • Version name: 2.2.32.
  • Fixes: Fixed bugs concerning the crashing of the app store, it comes with fewer technical glitches.
TuTuapp for Android

Download TuTuApp for Android

TuTuApp for Android: Steps You Need to Follow

TuTuApp, being an app store, offers some of the most recent gaming apps. Not only that, the toolbar provided in the store is quite convenient for users to keep a track on specific things such as calendar, contacts, events and so on. Though you cannot get TuTuApp absolutely for free, it’s a very convenient app store in terms of cost. With just a few bucks, you will receive every great feature of TuTuApp for Android.

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  • STEP 1: First and foremost, you must visit the Settings of your Android device after which tap on the Security option. Once you enter it, go for the Unknown Sources section and thereby clicking on it to enable.
  • STEP 2: Now you must download the TutuApp Apk file which is available on any of those trusted sources. Get hold of one, and immediately download the Apk file of TuTuApp.
  • STEP 3: Now you need to visit the downloaded folder which is feasible for you. Then click on it in order to install the app store.
  • STEP 4: You are all ready to use TuTuApp for Android. Utilize the features provided with utter convenience.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide to TuTuApp for Android. Download the app and enjoy hasslefree gaming and other features with the help of this app

Moviebox alternatives

The Best MovieBox Alternatives You Can Use

Currently, the free HD entertainment apps are too famous among the smartphone users. The option has given ample help to the users to watch their favorite movies and television series and even cartoons and international channels at just the tip of a figure. But it is unfortunate that all the apps are not compatible with all the devices for various reasons. Thus we must know about some of the alternatives which we may need at any point of time. In this article, we will discuss MovieBox Alternatives.

Popcorn Time

This app is another alternative for MovieBox for those who are not impressed with the app. Popcorn Time is an open source media player that was created as an alternative to Netflix and another video based streaming services. With this app, you can stream torrents to enjoy episodes of your favorite TV shows as well as popular films. It is compatible with iOS and can be installed on any computer.

Moviebox alternatives

Best Moviebox Alternatives


This is one the best alternative to Movie Box, which is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android. Here the movies are regularly get updated through multiple sources and can be played with different quality rates. It supports various languages subtitles and can be activated into Kids mode too.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is much similar to MovieBox HD, but it is a new app which is gaining popularity quite rapidly. Just like the others, you can watch all movies and TV shows for free by directly streaming them to your Android phone or download them for offline viewing. You can also make your collection of favorite movies and TV shows for quick access.


When it comes to entertainment, ShowBox is one of the best apps that can help you to easily delight you with best movies and far-famed TV programs and episodes. Either it is about watching movies or television series from your smartphone, ShowBox makes you able to enjoy any entertainment content


Known to one of a perfect entertainment app, here you can watch any of your favorite movies, television series, and cartoons, videos, etc. currently this app has 20 to 30m millions of active users. The interesting part is in this app you can secure any of your favorite content and can watch them later as your own convenience.

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Wrap up

Hope the above list of MovieBox Alternatives will be beneficial to you if you are facing any issue with MovieBox. Don’t forget to add your suggestions and reviews.


SHAREit for Windows

Download SHAREit For PC: How Do You Go About Using it?

In case you are looking for a safe and secure way to transfer all of your valuable data and also save time, you have come to the right place. We will not only teach you how to download SHAREit for PC but also show you the many benefits of the SHAREit. Gone are the days of the USB cables, data cables, and even Bluetooth. The new app on the block is SHAREit, and it has all of the features we have always wanted.

Download SHAREit for PC: Why Should You Use It?

In case you do not know, the new SHAREit app has a lot of features which makes it a necessity in our data-heavy times. One of the notable benefits of the app is its high speed. Under ideal circumstances, it is approximately 40 to 50 times faster than Bluetooth. Also, the data which you are transferring is safe and secure as all the devices, between which the transfer is happening, must have on board the SHAREit app. This, in a way, more than makes up for the crucial security factor of encryption. Besides, the SHAREit app has a straightforward graphical user interface, which makes it simple to use.

Shareit for Windows

SHAREit for PC

How To Download SHAREit for PC

These are the steps which you should use in case you want to install the SHAREit for Windows. Remember to follow the steps very carefully. Also, note that the SHAREit app is meant only for the Android platform, which means that you will need an Android emulator. Naturally, you will now ask what an Android emulator is. It is a nifty piece of software used to fool the Windows OS into believing it is an Android OS.

  • Download the Ko Player app on your PC. This is a safe and reliable Android emulator.
  • Install the Ko Player app on your desktop. Ensure that you have the admin rights.
  • You will now have to download the latest version of SHAREit Apk from here. Also remember to store the Apk file somewhere easily accessible, like on your desktop.
  • After the Ko Player app is installed, do an anti-virus scan on the entire machine.
  • On the top left corner of the SHAREit app, you will find a lot of options. Hover the cursor over it.
  • You will find an option which says ‘Add APK file’.
  • Add the SHAREit app from here. You are now ready to go.

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Wrap Up

In the end, we hope you will have no problems when you download SHAREit for PC. Remember to ask us any questions you might have and watch this space.



Showbox Not Working? Check these Troubleshooting Methods!

The most regrettable problem for users is indeed when they witness showbox not working on their devices. Earlier Showbox never had any troubles, but time has unraveled problems, hence here we will display few troubleshooting methods for Showbox to work exactly fine on your Android handsets.

Before we proceed with showbox not working methods, the new users of this app should keep in mind that Showbox is a brilliant video streaming app and it is not available in the Google Play Store that is why we need to download the Showbox .apk in order to install the app. Now let us proceed further with ShowBox not working methods in order to resolve problems which users face nowadays.


Methods to fix showbox not working technical glitches just by few tricks!

  1. When Update does not work for Showbox, you need to proceed with Showbox update in order to continue the video streaming services and enjoy the contents that the app provides. For users, you need to regularly go for showbox update so that no further problems regarding updates occur.

For Showbox update use the latest version of Showbox apk, i.e. Showbox 4.92 Android. Specifications of this version are listed below. Check them and get showbox online .apk and install it immediately on your Android devices.

  • Version- 4.92
  • Size- 39 MB
  • Download Time- 10 SECONDS
  • Features- Genuine, Light, infinite movies streaming
  • Movie Quality- HD 720 Pixels
  • Last Updated- 27 June 2017
  • Status- It’s Working!
  1. When Showbox has technically stopped working on your devices, you need to close the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. As soon as you do that, go to your smartphone setting; whereby you get to access the App Manager then choose Showbox app and clear the cache. After that connect your Wi-Fi and enjoy the streaming services offered by Showbox.
  1. When the server is not available in ShowBox, you need to update to the new version of ShowBox (as mentioned above), or the content in the app has been re-perezalit with a new URL. For the second reason it will be troubleshoot by devs and after sometime ShowBox app will work like before.

ShowBox is a brilliant video streaming app which not only offers movies or TV shows but by the access to the app; users will be beneficial with new contents, trailers of upcoming movies along with other videos as well. We hope we have conveniently displayed the troubleshooting method of showbox not working glitches seamlessly.