Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

3 Best Budget Gaming Keyboards: Your Handy Guide to Gaming Nirvana

Gaming is currently a very popular hobby across the world. Undoubtedly, then, you will need the best gear money can buy in order to excel, much like a world class pugilist buys the best gloves. However, buying the best gaming gear is not easily achieved. To this end, we have developed this list of 3 best budget gaming keyboards, here we have incorporated 3 of the very best, yet inexpensive, gaming keyboards which you can collect.

3 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards: Criteria for Shortlisting

Now, no one can say with a hand over his heart that gaming is a cheap hobby. It is, in fact, a notoriously expensive one and over time acquires momentum as far as resource consumption is concerned. So, when shortlisting our top three picks, we have placed special emphasis on not only the features offered but also on the price tag. In this list, none of the keyboards have a price tag of over $50.

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards

A lot of factors decide a good gaming keyboard. The first one is how programmable the device is. The second is whether it is wireless or tethered. The keyboard must also be ambidextrous, so as to enable both right-handed and left-handed players to use it. It must be lightweight and its keys must be superbly responsive. Finally, the keyboard must have a similar mouse, ideally manufactured by the same company, so that there is a balance between the two most commonly used tools of gaming.

3 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards: Our List

These are the best of the best.

  • TeckNet Gryphon LED Illuminated: TeckNet is known for producing decent devices at cut-rate prices without cutting any corners. The Gryphon has an LED illuminated background for better night-time gaming experience. Very light in weight, there are several programmable keys which are ultra expressive. Our only gripe is the fact that the macro keys are not illuminated.
  • HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired: These wired keyboards are very user-friendly and seriously ambidextrous, something that many comparable devices lack. Even the lights are adjustable, which means no more bruised fingertips after a night of frantic gaming. HAVIT is known for making subtle adjustments in their devices every year and the 2017 Rainbow device is the best of their offerings.
  • Corsair Gaming K55 RGB: Corsair’ new keyboard is probably the best bet for FPS games as the customizable keys add to the fun. On board is a detachable rubber wrist rest which is easy to use. Finally, we would expect that the next edition will have illuminated multimedia keys.

Wrap up

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NBA 2K18 To Release In September This Year – Check All You Need to Know

Since its announcement, speculations have been running high as to when the highly anticipated game sequel NBA 2K18. But the wait might just be over as the NBA 2K18 release date has been known and it is likely to get a release on September 19 this year.

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NBA2K18, which is considered to be one of the most successful virtual basketball game series ever, saw its last three predecessors got a release on October 7 (“NBA 2K15”), September 29 (“NBA 2K16”) and September 20 (“NBA 2K17”). Co-incidentally, all the aforementioned dates fell on a Tuesday, and, as September 19 falls on a Tuesday this year, it is believed that the “NBA 2K18” will be released on the said date, not only for Nintendo but to other platforms as well.

It is expected that the feature of this iteration will exceed in leaps and bounds than the previous versions.

Two of the fan favorite features from iterations past – MyPLAYER, (which enables gamers to create their own narrative) and MyTEAM (which gives the players the power to carefully select the members of their team) – will still be present in the latest version.

As per a description of the game on Nintendo’s official website, “NBA 2K18 will continue the franchise’s tradition as ‘the gold standard of basketball simulation’ (Sports Gamers Online) with unrivaled realism and true NBA gameplay.”

NBA 2K, which is a series of basketball simulation video games, was released for the first time in 1999. The game is all about emulating the game of basketball, more precisely, the National Basketball Association (NBA). So far, the game has been released on 18 different platforms. All the games in the franchise have been developed by Visual Concepts. Over the years, the game has seen significant critical and commercial appreciation.

Among the 18 primary installments, the first 6 have been published by Sega before the company before the company getting sold to Visual Concepts to Take Two Interactive, forming 2K Sports. The installments of the game are NBA 2K, NBA 2K 1, NBA 2K 2, NBA 2K 3, ESPN NBA Basketball, ESPN NBA 2K5, NBA 2K6, NBA 2K7, NBA 2K8, NBA 2K9, NBA 2K10, NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12, NBA 2K13, NBA 2K14, NBA 2K15, NBA 2K16, NBA 2K17, NBA 2KVR Experience and NBA 2K18.

Components of the series that have been mostly praised include its overall gameplay, presentation, specifically its commentary, accuracy and soundtrack, its abundance of content, and its consistency in terms of yearly releases without any drastic dips in quality. Although technical issues have plagued many of the releases over the years, it has not overall affected the success of the game as a whole. Multiple games in the series have been appreciated for being among the best-quality sports games available, especially in comparison with other basketball games. More than 68 million copies of the game have been sold in the franchise as of February 2017.  NBK16 holds the distinction of being the fastest-selling title in the series, shipping over four million copies within its first week of release.

Fifa 18-Why it will be better than the predecessors

Fifa 18 is the latest iteration of the long list of football simulation games published by EA sports. In many ways, the new Fifa 18 game will be the best f the lot. It will have better visuals, better movements, better graphics, and better overall design than its predecessors. The Fifa 18 game will be the second to run on the Frostbite engine. Fifa 17, the current rage, was the first to feature on the new gaming engine. We have many reasons to believe why the new game will be an even bigger success than its siblings.

First and foremost, the new Fifa 18 game will use the all-new frostbite engine. We are already witnessing the many advantages of the new game. We have also previously played on the engine and we have found that we that the lag was negligible. We have also come across the fact that we could not find any fault in the new game’s system. The game was wonderfully rich and ripe for the picking. We have come across many football simulation games but we cannot deny the fact that this new game is well placed to take its place under the sun.

The previous game was in the new for all the right reasons as well. The gameplay was superb, the footage of the players matched their real-life counterparts, and there were no major upgrades that needed to be made. Needless to say, the game Fifa 17 was a major success.

One of the reasons why the new Fifa 18 game will be successful is the fact that it has a lot of goodwill already going for it. The fanboys are waiting for it like crazy as well, the tech experts have said with som degree f confidence that this new game will be the best of the lot, and most importantly, EA Games is confident that this new game will be successful. Many enthusiasts have already stated that these games are on the rise and since football is one of the most popular games in the world, it is only natural that the game are successful as well.

One of the most anticipated game factors is the fact that the new game will have a whole new roster of players which will make the entire gameplay only better. One enticing factor while judging any new games’ effectiveness is its ability to bring more players to stardom and it is very important to remember that with every passing year, the main player on the cover has been changed. One very important aspect why the new game will be successful is the fact that the new game will have a lot of options. We have no hesitation but to claim that the new game will be more accessible to the average consumer. Many tech enthusiasts and gaming experts have also claimed that the new game will be one for the ages. Many fans proclaim that this new Fifa 18 game will not only be successful, it will be a game to remember as well. Check out the process by which you can play fifa 17 on PC.