Should You Put a Subwoofer on Carpet or Hard Flooring

In a home theatre’s setup, the audio side requires minute attention to details. Because its effectiveness largely depends on the room’s size and the things in it. Since the subwoofers sit directly on the floor, it raises a question about the flooring – whether carpet or hard flooring is good.

There is no definite answer to this question. A carpet can balance the sounds while hard flooring allows deep sound waves to travel without dampening it. This all depends entirely on where the speakers get placed.

To find the right answer that fits your room, it will be more like a trial and error process. Because what works for a particular setup may not be the same for another one. The key is to understand how both carpet and hard flooring affects the sound before you select either one.

Subwoofers on Carpet

Subwoofers can sit on the carpet, and the sound gets mixed with the rest of the soundscape just the right way. The main pros of using a carpet setup are that the manufacturer of subwoofers designs the device according to this scenario. When the subwoofer produces sounds, it tends to vibrate a lot. The carpet can absorb some of the vibrations while keeping the device stable. Also, this enables the sounds to go in the right direction.

Subwoofers on Hard Flooring

You have more options here than with a carpet. Here, you can add audio-absorbing material or rugs if you want to stimulate the carpet. Also, there are more advanced units that you can use. Test out the different options to see which works for you and your room.

Hard flooring is a good medium to allow deep tones resonate through it. But at the same time, it causes complications. Because of the hard floor’s flat surface, it will start to reflect sounds like the walls.

Generally, hard flooring won’t cause problems. But the other speakers’ setup in the room can cause reflections of sound waves in all directions. There is a chance of experiencing resonance because of the deep sound waves carried by the hard floor.

Which is better?

Remember, to get the best results; you need to work with the room, not against it. Try to move around the speakers in both the options to find what works the best. So, if you got a carpet, place the subwoofer on different spots to find the right one. For hard flooring, do the same thing with and without a rug. To conclude, the process of finding the right one is more like a trial and error process.

The bottom line

Finding out whether carpet or hard flooring is best for your subwoofer is no rocket science. With a little bit of experimentation, you can get most out of your audio setup. This is not about customizing your carpet or hard flooring but the uniqueness of the whole room itself. So, go and explore the options to find the right one for you.

How to Choose an Airless Paint Sprayer

There are several factors to consider while purchasing an airless paint spray from the market today. With the benefits of the airless paint sprayer gaining popularity over the past few years, the demand for airless paint sprayer has increased exponentially. Even if most of the people might not be purchasing an airless paint sprayer, most of them rent or lease the product. With this said, many brands have exploited the demand and have flooded the market with different airless paint sprayers. To help you select the best airless paint sprayer from the lost list, here are some factors to consider.

  1. Type of material and surface to be painted: –

There are different types of airless paint sprayers available on the market today. Each type of airless paint sprayer is designed to serve a specific function. This does not mean that the system incorporated into these products is different, the only difference is the tip used. Different tips deliver different spray pattern and this feature is very important as it decides the efficiency of the painting. Therefore, while purchasing an airless paint sprayer you should check the size of the tip of the spray pattern.

  1. Quantity of paint to be sprayed: –

Different airless paint sprayers come with different paint holding capacity, some of them can hold paint for almost the whole day work and some smaller. However, it is very important that you consider this factor before purchasing an airless paint sprayer today. You might wonder why, let me tell you, if you are working on a big project and you need to get the work done quickly, then refilling the paint tank frequently is not a viable option. Therefore, such circumstance calls for airless paint sprayers with a larger capacity.

  1. Hose length: –

What do you think is one of the most important parts of an airless paint sprayer? Let me tell you, first comes the motor and the system, then the tip, and then the most important part is the hose. Yes, the length of the hose and the quality of the hose is very important. If your product has a longer hose, you will not have to carry the machine around, as the length of the hose will be suitable to move anywhere without restrictions.

  1. The number of spray guns that could be attached: –

There are airless paint sprayers that come with options that allow any user to plug-in and use more than one spraying gun. Yes. Multiple guns and a single machine, all you have to do is simply purchase an airless paint sprayer machine and voila, you are ready for a multi person-painting job.

Conclusion: –

If you want your painting to be done perfectly, then the only best way to do it by using a well-built and branded airless paint sprayer. Not all products come with the features mentioned above, and this is why you should consider factors listed above to get yourselves the best airless paint sprayer.

Considerations to install wine cooler in cabinet

Wine coolers available in the market come in freestanding and in-built varieties. A freestanding wine cooler is like a conventional fridge which can be installed in any room and can also be shifted easily. On the other hand, a wine cooler with rating for in-built installation can either be installed in a cabinet or under the kitchen countertop. Thus, if you want to install a wine cooler in a cabinet, you need to pick built-in variety of wine cooler.

Why install wine cooler in cabinet?

Freestanding wine coolers requires space and if space is at a premium in your house, then in-built wine cooler can be considered to save space. Cabinet which you are not using can easily be converted into a wine cooler. Cabinet space filled with items which are not used frequently can also be emptied by relocating the items to some other location. The resultant cabinet space can then be used for installing a best wine cooler. All that is required for installation is removal of the cabinet door and the cabinet floor.

What is the capacity of a wine cooler installed in cabinet?

The capacity of the in-built wine cooler can vary from as low as 19 bottles to as high as 116 bottles depending upon its design. The size of the wine cooler to choose depends upon the space available in your cabinet and the style preferred by you. Thus, you need to first assess the available cabinet space and then look for favourable wine coolers which can fit in the space.

How does ventilation take place?

Wine coolers installed in a cabinet is hemmed in all the side by the cabinet walls except the front portion. Hence, such a wine cooler will have a vent in front portion to enable the hot air to escape, thereby keeping the internal temperature constant. In a freestanding unit, the vent is at the back and it must not be placed too close to the wall.

What about power supply?

Wine cooler requires a power supply to plug in. An electrician needs to be called if there is no electrical outlet behind the cabinet. A hole needs to be drilled at the back of the cabinet through which the power cord of the wine cooler would be passed for plugging in to the electrical outlet. A carpenter will do the job easily.

Other factors

There are certain important factors which must be kept in mind prior to installing the wine cooler in cabinet.

First factor is the temperature. The cabinet in which the wine cooler is to be installed must not be near an oven or dishwasher. This is because the heat generated by such appliances makes it difficult for the wine cooler to maintain the internal temperature.

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Second factor is ventilation. Proper ventilation is necessary for the wine cooler to work well. Thus, the wine cooler must have 2 inches space at the back, 1 inches space on either side and 4 inches space at the top.

Third factor is light. The cabinet must not be exposed to direct sunlight. This is because even though wine coolers have doors which protect against UV rays, it is better to take extra precautions to protect the wine bottles against sunlight.

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Is it Safe to Use Towel Warmers around Children?

Whenever you buy electrical equipment for your house you might be worried if its safe for your kids or not. You cannot control what your kids do in your house and that is why you need to make sure that it’s completely safe to use such equipment. So if you are planning to use towel warmers in your house and wants to know if it’s safe to use them then you need to find different information about it.

If you are buying a towel warmer of a trusted brand then it will have a lot of safety features installed in it. This way you can avoid any fatal accidents due to the electrical equipment. In order to get a safe towel warmer for your house, you need to make sure that you check all of these features in them to avoid certain issues.

What are the problems you can face with towel warmer?

Well, there are certain issues which you might face if you have towel warmers in your house. In order to avoid any issues, you need to make sure that you are aware of them. So, basically, these are the two problems you might face with towel warmers.

Electric shocks –Almost every towel warmer runs on electricity and this means that you are prone to electrical shocks while using them. So if you and your kids share the same bathroom then it might be a problem for them. Most of the towel warmers are installed in the bathroom to make sure that your kids do not touch the towel warmer if their feet are wet.

High temperature –As you might already know that the towel warmers need to heat up to a certain temperature in order to warm your towel. So if your kid touches them while they are hot it might give them burns. That is why you should make sure that your kids remain away from the towel warmer.

Things you can do to make the temperature safe for your children

In order to keep your kids safe, you need to make sure that you teach them about certain things while using a towel warmer. You should consider following all the thing mentioned below to ensure that towel warmers are safe for children.

  • Use separate bathrooms – If you have multiple bathrooms in your house then you can separate your bathroom from your kids and ensure that they do not come in contact with the towel warmers.
  • Teach your kids how to use it –When your kids reach a certain age you need to start teaching them how to operate a certain
  • Always switch off the towel warmer –You should turn off the towel warmer when not in use and make sure to remove the plug to prevent any accidents.

If you follow all these things then you can prevent any issues with using a towel warmer. This way you can get the assurance of maximum safety for your kids.

Top GPS watches

Our Offering to Go for Best GPS Watches of 2017

These days people are acquainted with using the recent technologies which have traveled a long way, ever since we got our hands on the high-end smartphones. This travel was indeed a marvelous one, as due to this technological development the tech universe has given rise to some of the best GPS watches. Now, what is a GPS watch? For folks who are not familiar with the activity performed by this kind of timepiece, we shall proceed to introduce it in the first place.

Best GPS Watches: Why do you Need to Buy one?

Nowadays, serious tech enthusiasts are also concerned about fitness. While it is true that the best GPS watches cannot make you absolutely fit, they can anyhow measure the fitness that you go through each single day. As the name proposes, a GPS watch is a timepiece that accurately measures your footsteps and locations you have traveled. In case you intend to purchase on, here’s the list of the best three, read on and know which is the most appropriate to you.

Best GPS watches

Top GPS watches

3 Best GPS Watches: Only the Top Most Ones in Our List

We shall now head towards the 3 top GPS watches that are top most in our list. Get to know them at first then think of purchasing the best one.

  • Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch- This Garmin Forerunner piece comes with a great tracking accuracy. Developers have embedded great features inside the device, and the best part is that you don’t have to stay connected with your smartphones anymore. The timepiece features an accurate GPS unit. That is the reason why it stands out to be the first in our list of best GPS watches.
  • Withings Steel HR- The manufacturer itself is a brand, and for starters, in case you don’t know about Withings, it is one of the renowned GPS watches tracking producers. If you are a regular watch lover in terms of design, then this Withings GPS watch might be your ultimate choice. The watch packs different high-end features alongside a wearable body and an accurate heart rate monitor.
  • Apple Watch Series 3- Apple is the most particular brand and is one of those engaging manufacturers too. The Apple Watch 3 gives you the liberty to choose from options of either WiFi or Bluetooth. It’s the most sophisticated smart device which comes with water resistivity feature.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the completion of our best GPS watches of this year. Folks, if you fall under the category of pro users and owning a different one then do let us know about it.

iOS 11 Might Release In The Fall Of 2017 – Check All You Need to Know

Well, iOS fans, there is some good news for you to wait on, because industry speculations claims that iOS 13 Release Date is scheduled in the fall of this year.

iOS 111 Release Date

Currently, the development of iOS 11 is going on, and fans are wondering whether iOS 11 can surpass their anticipation and be a greater version than its previous editions.

One thing which is keeping the dreams of the fans on a high level is the speculation of a change in design for iOS 11. Apple has not made any significant changes to iOS since iOS 7 was launched way back in 2013.

As per as iOS release date is concerned, it is so far known that the preview of Apple iOS 11 will occur from June 5 to June 9, 2017 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. At the conference, the operating system will be provided to developers for testing purposes. Post testing period, iOS will release in the fall, in September 2017, apart with new iPhones.

The different devices which are speculated to run iOS 11 include iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7-ich, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPadMini 3, iPadMini 4, iPod Touch (Sixth Generation), iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, along with any new devices that are released between now and then, for instance, the iPad Pro 2 and the iPhone 8.

However, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5 are all expected to miss out on iOS 11 compatibility, although nothing is confirmed as of now. Confirmation regarding it can only be revealed at the 2017 WWDC event. iOS 11 will also introduce the FaceTime capabilities for the first time.  This would help bring in FaceTime video services in line with Skype and other competing services. Users would be able to start multi-person calls through a group conversation in iMessage in iOS 11.

Apple, which was established in 1976 by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, is the globe’s largest information technology company in the world going by sheer revenue and going by total assets, it is the biggest technology company in the globe.

In order to debut contextual learning abilities and assist in setting up deep integration with iMessage and iCloud, Apple is also rumoured to be planning major Siri updates in iOS 11. The upcoming update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is already in its development stage at Cupertino, California, USA, which houses the headquarters of Apple. Well, we can only wait and watch what they will surprise us with.

Moreover, the American multinational technology company has several iPad-specific updates already in works, which iOS 11 could include in itself.  A splendid Apple Pencil support for iPad Pro, which would be constructed with hardware improvements, is also being worked upon by the company.  This Pencil support will introduce components like smoother on-screen zooming, scrolling and panning.

The WWDC, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is an annual event in which Apple invites developers from around the globe to participate in multiple iOS development workshops. It is an anticipated event where Apple showcases its annual software updates too.