Gatsby dresses: The featured style statement of the 1920s

Gatsby is a common term that we hear a lot nowadays. Gatsby’s parties and Gatsby’s dresses are trending concerns for people. It all started with the popular novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In this eminent novel, we find featured details about the lifestyle of the 1920s. The very common word Gatsby came from this novel only. This novel portrays the entire lifestyle of that time with the unique types of dresses and glamorous settings. A Gatsby party is a showing off according to that time. Though nowadays people throw Gatsby parties in little attires too.

Besides glamorous themes and glorious decorations, foods and dresses are also the attractive features of Gatsby’s party is usually a theme-based party. So, undoubtedly the dresses of people are attractive and interesting. Gatsby dresses generally give us a proper idea about the dress codes, and various Gatsby dresses at that time.

Gatsby dresses had more variations and vivid styles in the case of women’s dresses. The flapper is a signature style of the 1920s in women’s dresses. The flappers were a way for the women of that time to define themselves. Flappers were the kinds of dresses that described the traditional definition of femininity. Before flappers came, women of that generation used to wear conservative clothes that covered all the body parts. With the rise of flappers in the Gatsby parties, women got a bit more freedom regarding their clothes. Flappers were the signature style statement in the Gatsby parties. Flappers were a huge transformation in the field of clothes.

A flapper included some accessories as parts of its attire. These accessories were stockings, headbands, pieces of jewelry, etc. Gatsby’s getups were not about outfits only. Hairstyle and other features were also included. The flappers were dresses that flatten the bust line. Straight-line chemise, along with the cloche hat, was one of the most trending styles of that generation. The low-waist dresses which were full at the hemline were popular style statements among the women. Women used to cut their hair so that they could wear the popular hats. Later on, the cocktail dresses got high popularity in America. Women used to wear matching hats, shoes, and gloves that were suitable for their dresses. Tea-gowns were another famous Gatsby dress for the women of that time.

These were all about the Gatsby dresses for women. Men were not too behind in the case of dresses. Men’s style statements also underwent a huge transformation. Men of that generation started wearing short suit jackets and high-waist jackets that were worn with belts. Wider trousers that were known as Oxford Bags came as the latest fashion trends later. After some years, the trend to wear a double-breasted vest with a single-breasted jacket got popular. Bow ties, top hats, silk handkerchiefs were the top accessories for men. Wearing tuxedo vests was also a common style among men.

These were the entire style statement, and Gatsby dresses for both men and women. Gatsby’s parties were the center of attraction because of the vivid variety of dresses. Those dresses brought a revolution in the transformation of clothes.