Guide to purchasing the best mixer grinder

A mixer grinder is an electrical appliance which mixes various types of ingredients for cooking food and also grinds a host of edible items such as spices, ginger, garlic, grains and many others. Mixer grinder can also be used to make shakes and smoothies. This is a very important kitchen appliance which has eliminated manual grinding and mixing.

There are various models of mixer grinders in the market. The best mixer grinder depends upon your individual requirements. However, some features of mixer grinders must be specifically considered to get the best model.


Power is an important consideration. The power of a mixer grinder is measured in Watts. Thus, consider the wattage of the mixer grinder. Higher the wattage, greater is the power of the mixer grinder. The high wattage mixer grinder is able to grind and mix even though ingredients are short. The suitable wattage for kitchen use is 500 Watt. However, for large families requiring more amount of grinding and mixing, 750 Watt is suitable. Opting for a lower wattage mixer grinder to save money is not recommended.


Speed of the mixer grinder is another important factor. Speed means the number of rotations that the blades of the mixer grinder make in one minute. It is given as RPM or rotations per minute. RPM ranging from 18,000 to 23,000 is suitable for domestic kitchen use. At very high RPM, blending and mixing tend to become less effective. It is better to look for mixer grinders equipped with knobs or switches to change the speed settings as per requirement. The mixer grinder must have at least three levels of speed settings. Delicate food can be mixed or ground at lower speeds while tough ingredients require higher speeds. Very high speeds are required to make a very thin paste.

Number of jars and Capacity

The mixer grinder should come with multiple jars. Usually, a mixer grinder has two jars, one for wet grinding another for dry grinding. You can also opt for a mixer grinder with three jars with the third jar for juicing. The dry jar can be used for grinding spices and other dry ingredients while wet jar can be used for making chutneys. For small families, small-sized jars are suitable. In the case of large families, the capacities of the jars must be large.

The body of the jar must be durable, and the lid must be break-resistant so that the jar is able to withstand daily use. The rubber plastic handle of the jar must be ergonomically designed for good grip.

Blade Quality

The quality of the blades is an essential consideration because blades are the critical components of the mixer grinder. The blades are made of stainless steel. The grade of the stainless steel provides information about the level of resistance that the blades have against oxidation and corrosion. Look for stainless steel blades of 302 or 304 grade.


Looking among the top brands of kitchen appliances is recommended when shopping for a mixer grinder. This is because they are tried and tested brands known for their high-quality products.