How does the golf range finder work?

The golf range finder helps in the distance calculation of a player to the target. It gives an unfair advantage to the golfers in pushing the ball to the hole via a golf stick.The golf range finder also uses GPS navigation or laser, having technological features to measure the distance accurately.

What are the different types of golf range finders?

As a golfer, you can get various types of golf range finders. Here you go with some of them.

  • Bushnell Tour V4 – Bushnell comes to the top spot owing to the improved versions that enter the market. Among all the golf range finders, the golfers consider it as the ultimate laser device, used for the tournament. Bushnell can range to a mouth-gaping over 1000 yards. Are you skeptical about its accuracy? Well, the makers have developed the device using Pin Seeker Technology that gives you the accuracy within -1/+1 yard. It provides you with 5X magnification with a fast focus lens and more excellent stability.
  • TecVPRO500 – It has become one of the honored reputed golf rangefinders. Though the device doesn’t support the slope, it still excels in terms of performance. The multi-lens diopter eliminates problems that occur in measuring long distances. The Tec VPRO500 gives to a clear & bright view, even if you are myopic, hyperopic, or both. Made up of advanced Pinsensor, the VPRO500 can measure over 500+ yards that target within +/-1 that retains your confidence when it comes to accuracy.
  • Nikon COOLSHOT 20 – If you are searching for a compact Nikon golf range finder, you only need to open your eyes and opt for COOLSHOT 20. The device comprises of the features like:
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to use and
    • Portability

You need not worry too much about maintaining the interface. The golfer only has to point and aim without thinking of setting them in the right mode. You can target 1/10 of the yard, irrespective of whether or not the device goes to pulse. You can quickly get back to the game using COOLSHOT 20 as you get a one-yard increment, that varies from 500 yards and 250 to the flag. Also, you can get the device according to your budget. Though it doesn’t break the back for landing the entry-level gadget, you can cut 80. Many prefer COOLSHOT 20 as it gives the relief to your eyes & bet with the spectacles.

  • GolfBuddy LR7 – The device has newly entered the market with plenty of features. You can get GolfBuddy LR7 at low rates that you cannot believe. It comprises the four main targeting modes to an avid golfer like:
    • Standard
    • Scan
    • Pin and
    • Pin Finder

All these modes ensure that your accuracy never reduces, especially during tournaments. You can confidently play each round without any stress. Its features are similar to COOLSHOT 20 with the flexibility to adjust the diopter between yards &meters. Also, LR7 is immune to water in case of any accidental splashes. GolfBuddy LR7 comprises of boat-load accessories with a one-year warranty


You can get the golf range finders in varieties. The equipment also comes to you with a slope. All the golf range finders have their pros and cons. However, you can opt for the device according to your needs.