How To Clean and Care Wooden Pizza Peel


When, I bought this wooden pizza peel to my home, I was super excited to cook on it. We thought, to try the wooden peel on a Sunday. We cooked a thin-crust vegetable pizza. The pizza turned out to be delicious and it was well enjoyed and loved by my family. I was appreciated and asked to share the recipe with my friends by the pictures they saw on my social media. Being a house owner, I have a habit to tidy up my house especially the kitchen and clean and air dry all my utensils. So, after the celebration of pizza baking and eating got over, it was time for clean up, a thought that hit my mind was how to clean the wooden pizza peel? How should I maintain its durability and longevity? So I explored a couple of websites. I tried some of the ideas which worked and some were just incorrect information. I thought this will be a common question among the home chefs so I can share the tips and tricks to clean and care the wooden pizza peel with them.

Clean and Care Wooden Pizza Peel:

The wooden pizza peel is not meant to be washed but before washing do scrape up the leftover flour with a plastic scraper, we can now quickly wash them with warm water and soap to sanitize them which causes minimum damage. You can gently scrub the head of the wooden peel, to get rid of any spots left by the pizza sauce. Next, make sure you wipe the excess water with a towel and let it air dry. Then you can apply a thin layer of food-grade mineral oil and let it sit on the peel for a while, this will protect and reseal the wood which increases the life of the wooden peel. Reapply the oil after every use. Don’t use olive oil or any vegetable oil as they can make to wood to smell bad. Another method is rubbing your wooden pizza peel with some white vinegar and letting it air dry. Do remember to be careful while you clean your favorite wooden peel because they may have splinters. The common mistake we mostly do is out of excitement we cut the pizza on the wooden peel, which leaves some ugly scratches. You should never put them in the dishwasher, because hot water can make wood warp or crack the peel.


I hope our weblog has shared ample of information’s regarding cleaning and caring of wooden peel to the best of our knowledge. These tips and tricks worked for me and surely will work for you.