Is the curve treadmill better?

One of the commonly asked questions among people who want to buy a treadmill is which type of treadmill is best? Everyone knows about how a treadmill will work and its benefits. But not many people know about the curve treadmill. It is a simple concave-shaped, non-motorized machine which is quite similar to the traditional treadmill. This is apt for people who want to have a more natural pace in their workouts.

Like any other device, you first need to know the reasons if they are worth your time and money. So this article will give you the reasons why they are a better option than a traditional treadmill. Just keep reading to find out.

Benefits of curve treadmill

Simple and self-powered Unlike the traditional treadmill which needs electricity to work, the curve treadmill is completely powered by the runner. That is why it is easy to use. Here, the individual needs to shift his body weight forward in the form of a walk, run, or jog to get started. So simple right?

  1. Run naturally

The design of this type of treadmill can make the individual run at a natural pace. Here, the user runs using the balls of the feet, which in turn reduced the impact on their joints. More trunk and core engagement is also possible with a curve treadmill. As you learn to use and run on this treadmill, you will also learn to maintain the correct posture for proper running gait.

  1. Burn more calories

With this type, you can burn 30-40% more calories than in the traditional treadmill for the same speed and time.

  1. Guaranteed workout

Since this is a self-propelled type of workout, you are guaranteed to work harder. This does not mean that exercising on the machine is harder, but your body will work harder to burn calories.

  1. Long lifetime and less maintenance

Since there is no motor inside this curve treadmill, you will not the normal issues associated with the traditional treadmill. The belts tend to last longer than in the normal type because they are not motorized. Since they are no electrical circuits are present here, very less maintenance is needed.

  1. Gives control to the user

Unlike the traditional one, you don’t need to click buttons to control the speed. If you speed up your movements, the belt also speeds up. But if you want to slow down, then the belt will adjust with you. This is the ideal biomechanics for efficient working.

  1. Safety

The main reason why they are a much safer option is that only less friction occurs here. So, less heat gets generated, which does not affect the machine. The running surface is different from the normal type, and the curve treadmill gives grip to the users, which makes it safer to run.

The bottom line

As you can see, truly the curve treadmill is one of the best workout machines that you can invest in to reach your fitness goals.