List Of The Best Bathroom Scale 2019

Bathroom scales are one of the commonly used devices that gives you the ability to track many things than just the body weight of a person. The advanced models of these scales come with the functionality to measure other health statistics that include bone density, water percentage and body fat in a person.

After spending several hours in researching, testing and analyzing products, we have come with a list of best bathroom scales 2019 that you must consider to get the best one for your requirements.


This is one of the best digital scales in our list that is beneficial especially for Fitbit users. Some of the top reasons to get it is that this scale feeds seamlessly into the Fitbit feed and can easily cater to the needs of eight users efficiently. With this scale, you can easily learn about weight trends, your weight, daily calorie-burn estimation, body fat percentage, and BMI anytime and anywhere easily and quickly.

Beurer BF800 Bluetooth enabled Diagnostic Scale

This scale comes in a sleek black colored indium tin oxide surface that makes it appealing to users. Also, there is no requirement for metal electrodes. With Beurer BF800 bathroom scale, you can stand anywhere and get your body weight, body water percentage, body fat percentage, bone mass,muscle percentage, AMR/ BM and BMI measured easily. It can be paired with another important app by Beurer i.e., “HealthManager app” so that you can easily transfer the data to the app via Bluetooth.

Salter Large Sized Display Glass Analyser Model 9127 SVSV3R

This sophisticated scale by Salterenables its user to monitor body fat,BMI, body weight, body water, muscle mass, BMR and bone mass. Measurements values are displayed on a large sized, convenient-to-read LCD display.The principle on which this scale works is Bio Impedance Analysis wherein a tiny electrical impulse is passed through a person to determine fat levels from lean tissue. Use of this scale is pain-free.

Beurer PS160

The smart technology based Beurer PS160 bathroom scales feature a large LCD display in the white acrylic platform. You can get body weight measurement values in either pound, kg, and stones. It is designed to easily bear up to 180 kg of weight.If you are looking for a scale that gives you decent accuracy, at an affordable price, then this could be a good option to consider.

Nokia Body+ Wi-FiEnabled Body Composition Scale

One of the most distinctive features of NokiaBody+ bathroom scale is that it is more attractive, offer better connectivity, and quite simple to use than other popular bathroom scale models in the market.

This “easy to set up”bathroom scale analyses complete body composition to provide a comprehensive image of your health. This Nokia scale monitors body fat, weight, muscle mass, body mass, and water percentage. It then syncs the entire information through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an associated app to be viewed easily.


A bathroom weighting scale in India is one of the most significant and essential devices that ensures your overall health and wellness. If you have not been using these scales, then you must take your fitness goals to the next level by picking any of these scales.