Should You Put a Subwoofer on Carpet or Hard Flooring

In a home theatre’s setup, the audio side requires minute attention to details. Because its effectiveness largely depends on the room’s size and the things in it. Since the subwoofers sit directly on the floor, it raises a question about the flooring – whether carpet or hard flooring is good.

There is no definite answer to this question. A carpet can balance the sounds while hard flooring allows deep sound waves to travel without dampening it. This all depends entirely on where the speakers get placed.

To find the right answer that fits your room, it will be more like a trial and error process. Because what works for a particular setup may not be the same for another one. The key is to understand how both carpet and hard flooring affects the sound before you select either one.

Subwoofers on Carpet

Subwoofers can sit on the carpet, and the sound gets mixed with the rest of the soundscape just the right way. The main pros of using a carpet setup are that the manufacturer of subwoofers designs the device according to this scenario. When the subwoofer produces sounds, it tends to vibrate a lot. The carpet can absorb some of the vibrations while keeping the device stable. Also, this enables the sounds to go in the right direction.

Subwoofers on Hard Flooring

You have more options here than with a carpet. Here, you can add audio-absorbing material or rugs if you want to stimulate the carpet. Also, there are more advanced units that you can use. Test out the different options to see which works for you and your room.

Hard flooring is a good medium to allow deep tones resonate through it. But at the same time, it causes complications. Because of the hard floor’s flat surface, it will start to reflect sounds like the walls.

Generally, hard flooring won’t cause problems. But the other speakers’ setup in the room can cause reflections of sound waves in all directions. There is a chance of experiencing resonance because of the deep sound waves carried by the hard floor.

Which is better?

Remember, to get the best results; you need to work with the room, not against it. Try to move around the speakers in both the options to find what works the best. So, if you got a carpet, place the subwoofer on different spots to find the right one. For hard flooring, do the same thing with and without a rug. To conclude, the process of finding the right one is more like a trial and error process.

The bottom line

Finding out whether carpet or hard flooring is best for your subwoofer is no rocket science. With a little bit of experimentation, you can get most out of your audio setup. This is not about customizing your carpet or hard flooring but the uniqueness of the whole room itself. So, go and explore the options to find the right one for you.