Significance Of Using A Water Purifier

Research has established that using a water purifier reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer and water-borne diseases. In olden days the water is boiled and filtered to drink to remove the bacteria that are present in water. In this modern world, it is essential to purify the water and then to consume.

Purification types

You can opt for the right water purifier based on hard water or soft water. There are mainly 3 types of purification technologies.

Reverse Osmosis: The RO eliminates the salt deposits, as well as natural minerals in the water that may cause mineral deficiency.

UF water purifiers: This is similar to the RO, but it works without power supply. It works well with public water supply.

UV water purifiers: The UV bulb inside the purifier kills viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The only drawback is it cannot remove the salt deposits in the water.

Benefits Of Using A Water Purifier

The following are the benefits of using a water purifier:

Kills bacteria

Consuming impure water causes severe health problems, including diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc. The water purifier kills all the germs and impurities and blocks the water-borne diseases.

Improved flavor

The purified water has a pleasant flavor and taste that makes to drink the water. The contaminated or impure water has an unpleasant flavour or taste.

Healthy skin

Drinking pure water helps to keep your skin glowing. Drinking chlorine water can cause skin irritation. Also, consuming impure water can cause skin allergies.

Protects the body

It is proved that the water purifier kills the germs and removes the impurities in the water. Therefore, consuming purified water reduces the risk of diseases like cancer and protects the body.

Aids in constipation problems

One of the reasons for constipation problems is due to contaminated water. Consuming water without purification is causes problems in the digestive system.

Removes lead from water

Water purifier removes lead and other unwanted heavy metals from water which is harmful to the body.

Convenient to use

A water purifier is very easy and convenient to use. It takes very less time to follow the process of purification.

Easy to clean

A water purifier is very easy to clean. It does not involve any tedious task of cleaning. In some water purifier, an inbuilt filter changing alarm is placed to alert the user to clean the filter.


Buying bottled or canned water is more expensive than having a water purifier at your home in the long run.

Clean and safe

The water purifier produces safe and clean drinking water. It dissolves the impurities that are present in the water. A water filter can only remove bacteria but not any other microorganisms.


The water purifier comes in different sizes. You can choose according to your requirement. You can opt for a non-electrical water purifier if you are located in the frequent power-down region.

There are many brands of water purifiers available in the market. They differ from cost, method of purification, speed, and the type of filter. Most of the brands have combinations of these. However, the water purifier that you choose must remove the impurities and retain the minerals in the water.