The luxurious experience of towel warmer

After a hot shower, many would love to keep themselves warm. So, many prefer a warm heated towel. Heated towels can give you a luxurious experience. If you are searching for a way to keep you warm, then the towel warmers are a perfect choice. Towel warmers can dry the moisture in towels to keep you warm. There are several benefits of using towel warmers. They are available in a different size, style and price. If you want to buy a towel warmer, then let’s see how to choose a good one.

Decide between hydronic and electric towel warmer

A hydronic towel warmer works like a radiator. The heat is formed through hot water. The radiant heat system runs through the rails of the towel to make it warm. A hydronic towel warmer is also affordable.


  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Highly safe due to no visible wires.
  • Easy and Effortless installation.
  • Lower replacement and maintenance cost.

An electric towel warmer keeps the towel warm by using electricity. There are several types of electric towel warmer available in the market. By a single touch, this warmer can be operated. Modern houses prefer electric towel warmers as they are very convenient to use.


  • Easy installation and Effortless use by switching on.
  • The electric towel warmer is highly portable.
  • The energy consumption is very less.
  • Quick heating and good results


The way you fix or use the towel warmer is purely based on your convenience. The three types of towel warmers are

  • Freestanding

A Freestanding model offers a high level of flexibility. The user can easily move the appliance to any space in the house. Portability is the main benefit of using a freestanding model.

  • Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted towel warmers are used in compact homes. If you want to save some space, then the wall-mounted model is the best choice. There are also corner wall mounted models available for houses.

  • Floor mounted

The floor-mounted warmer is suitable for spacious homes. This can be even fixed in homes that have bathtubs and a huge bathroom. The floor-mounted warmer is more stable and lasts for longer days.

  1. Size and style

There are numerous towel warmer styles to suit the customers’ taste. If you want a traditional, modern or artistic, all these choices are available. Also, there are small as well as huge multi racker warmers available.


Towel warmers are usually very affordable. If the price is the concern, you can get a fair priced model. There are also thousands of special designer models available in the market.

Advanced features

Towel warmers come with advanced features. Some high-end models come with a timer feature. Some users are punctual so they can set time to switch on the warmer automatically. Heated shelves are another great feature to have in towel warmers. If you want to experience a luxurious after-shower experience, then you can choose a model that comes with this feature. Also, there are towel warmers that come with an adjustable temperature setting. This feature helps you to decide the warmth of the towel.


There are excellent towel warmers for any user. So choose one by considering the above factors.