The most effective Zircon stud finders that you can buy

A stud finder or a stud sensor is a tool used in the construction industry that has made identification of wooden beams easy for nailing and screwing in drywall. Advances in technology have contributed to the invention of a portable device, which easily and quickly located studs today. Earlier locating a stud behind the plaster wall was time-consuming and tedious work.

Stud finders are usually a battery-operated device, which works better than other tools. Two broad categories of the stud finder are a magnetic stud finder and electric stud finder respectively. Before using a stud finder it is essential to read the instruction guide provided with it. Investing in a quality stud finder manufactured by a reputed company like Zircon gives you a better result.

The best Zircon stud finders that you can invest in

  1. Zircon multi scanner i520 stud finder: The first model of a stud finder that we will be discussing today is i520 model manufactured by Zircon. This is one of the top models that include advanced features of a stud finder. The model can not only detect studs quickly but it goes a step further and determines their density. It also located metals and live unshielded AC wires.

The best part of i520 model is that it comes with a 4 mode switch to change between functions. The built-in technology has a strength indicator, which is useful to distinguish between shallow and deep studs.

  1. Zircon e50 stud sensor or stud finder: This portable zircon model is easy to use and handle. The model has a very unique feature that can increase the scanning depth mode of a stud finder.

The model can detect studs, electric wiring, and joints located behind a wall, ceiling and flooring up to 1.5 inches deep. The model is programmed with an additional feature called wire warning detection that can locate the unshielded electric wires up to 2 inches deep in the wall when on both the modes.

  1. Zircon I65: This model by Zircon Company is a stud finder with additional function. The model comes with an LCD screen that shows where a stud is located and the located stud’s center. Additionally, the audio cues of the model make it easy to find the location of other studs.

Again this model comes with wire warning features, which easily detects electric wring located in the all up to 2 inches. The model is recommended for any builder who prefers not to ruin the wiring and get things done quickly.


Stud finders and stud sensors have been around for a long time. Their features and technology have been changing with time. A stud finder has proven to be a handy tool for builders. It not only makes the job of locating a stud or wooden beam behind a wall, floor or ceiling easy but saves the cost of drilling in the wrong place. A small mistake can bring down a construction job. Using best stud finders are always advisable. Though various companies make stud finders zircon is proven to be a worthy investment. A zircon stud finder can be used everywhere in a job site. A zircon stud finder can be used on more surfaces than other sensors.