Things To Consider When Buying A Machete

The machete knife is a broad, heavy knife that originated from Central America and the Caribbean. The machete is used for various reasons such as chopping, hacking, slashing, cutting, scooping, carving, cracking, etc. Here we are going to discuss the things that you need to consider while you purchase the best machete.

Blade Style:

The most important feature of a machete is the blade style. Blades are available in various styles, which differ based on the use, location, etc. Sometimes the style may overlap but still serves different uses. For instance, the Rawit style is called Kukri. Likewise, different styles of knives get different names based on the location and usage. Some of the popular styles are Bush machete, Bolo machete, Kukri machete, Barong machete, Bowie machete, Cane machete, Colima machete, and Panga machete, etc.

Length of Machete & Blade:

Machetes vary in different lengths ranging from 25 cm to 70 cm. The average length of the machete is 45 cm. When you consider the small machetes, they are portable but less reachable. When you consider longer blades, they are difficult to transport but, at the same time, generate more power to work efficiently.

Composition of Blade:

The blades used in the machete may contain different compositions such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and high carbon stainless steel. Carbon steel has some features like edge sharpness, require oiling, etc. Stainless steel doesn’t require maintenance, but it is softer than carbon steel. So, different materials boast different features based on your needs; you can go with the right composition of the blade.


The part that connects the blade and handle is the tang. You can prefer the machete that has the full tang blades. When you choose the machete without a full tang design, then the weight will get distributed to the blade’s end rather than a handle. This will cause the machete to get damaged easily and dangerous for you too. Choose machete, having a full tang design.

Handle Material:

This is the last feature that you need to check in the machete. There are various handle materials such as wood, polymer, plastic, and rubber, each having its feature. For instance, a wood handle is best for getting a grip; a polymer handle needs less maintenance, and a rubber handle provides comfort, etc. Different materials provide different benefits to the users. Based on your requirements, you can choose the right handle material.

So, if you want to buy the best machete, going through the above features might help you in a better way.