What kind of sink is best for granite countertops?

You will find a number of kitchen sink available in the market coming in range and of different kind of materials. We have stainless steel sink, copper sink, granite sink and so on. But, before buying one you need to make sure that the sink must go with the material of your kitchen. Here , we are going to provide some of the best suitable sink for the granite countertops.

  1. The best sink that will go with the granite surface are the undermount kitchen. The sink is placed beneath the kitchen surface. Therefore, you need to do the installation part very carefully. The surface should be enough capable to handle the weight of the sink in both empty and filled condition. Also, these kind of sink comes in variety of sizes, so you can buy as per your family need and also you can buy either single bowl or double bowl sink.
  2. Next is the overmount sink or you can also call them ‘drop-in’ sink. They have been in use from long time. They are placed on the edge of the countertop. As compare to the undermount sink, they are less expansive and it is more easy to install such kind of sink. These kind of sink also locks moisture in their gap and this problem is not there in case of the undermount sink.
  3. For granite countertops, another best option is the stainless steel. The sink is very durable. And you can use them in either overmount or undermount setting. Stainless steel sink comes in varies gauge values and you can choose one of them as per your need. More thicker the steel, higher would be the strength. Also, these come with insulation so that there will be less noise due to dishes ad water. We advise you to go for round corner so that its easy for you to clean the sink.
  4. Granite Composite is next in the list. These kind of sink have resistance to scratch, heat and chip. So, you can feel free to keep hot pan on these sinks. You can use either overmount or undermount setting, but go for undermount setting which will make their looks very good. If we talk about their price, you will find them cheaper than the high gauge stainless steel sink, but for composite choice these are most expensive.