Why Does My Bread Machine Bread Collapse?

When you start using your bread machine, you should know how the bread machine works and how to use it properly to avoid all sorts of problems. You should stay aware of using the bread machine to get fresh loaves of bread. Many reasons letting your bread collapse in a bread machine let us see them in detail.

Bread collapsing in a Bread Machine:

People use the bread machine without reading the instruction given in manual or instruction guide that will come along with your bread machine. Another crucial thing is not properly maintaining the bread machine. Most of the people fail to clean the appliance regularly which is needed to get delicious bread.  Another thing should be taken is the amount of yeast added to prepare bread. Most of the people suffer from preparing bread of either loaf doesn’t rise or it collapses.

In general, yeast has the property to make the dough rise. Thus, if your loaf is not rising, then you should check the quality of the yeast. Most of the people will just simply use the yeast that has been lying around for many months. It is better to avoid using such expired yeast and buy fresh yeast. Another crucial thing is that you should take care while mixing the ingredients, as you should not allow the yeast to get in contact with the liquid used to make the bread dough. When you simply mix the yeast with liquid, then your bread will get collapsed for sure in the bread machine.

How to Avoid Bread Collapses in a Bread Machine?

Nowadays, people facing the trouble of not getting the loaf, when bread prepared using the bread machine. Here will see the step-by-step guide to avoiding bread collapses in a bread machine.

  • The first thing is buying the fresh yeast of good quality. To check the freshness of the yeast, you can place 1 teaspoon of yeast with 1 teaspoon of sugar in a glass bowl and add a half cup of warm water. When the mixture bubbles to the maximum, you will understand that the yeast is still of good quality. Otherwise, you have to buy the new fresh yeast.
  • The next step is mixing the ingredients properly. First, you should mix liquids such as water, milk, and oil and then add dry ingredients such as salt, sugar, and flour. Finally, the yeast added to make the dough.
  • You should also consider the flour, as different flours will have different moisture conditions. Based on the flour condition, make sure you are adding enough water to the flour. As some flour will take more water to get the moisture while some will consume less water.
  • When you get the right consistency of dough, not sticking to the bottom of the pan, you can close the bread machine for the next process of kneading and baking. Also, make sure that you are taking the right amount of dough related to the bread pan size. If the dough is too much touching the lid, then it will result in collapsing the bread.

If you buy best quality bread machine in 2019, you will avoid this problem.